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Innokin T18E Prism Coil - 5 pack.

Innokin T18E Prism Coil - 5 pack.

  • £11.99

Built for the Innokin T18E vaping kit - please note that these coils will not fit the previous T18 model tank.

The Prism T18E coils are compliant with UK and EU regulations and will be available beyond the May 2017 compliance deadline.

  • The first time - when you first use each coil wait for 5 minutes after filling to allow the e liquid to absorb fully into the coil (called ‘priming the coil’) to prevent damage and unpleasant ‘dry hits’
  • To change the coil - Ensure there is no e liquid in the tank. Then disconnect the tank from the battery and hold it with the screw thread facing up before unscrewing the metal cap. Gently pull on the coil to remove it. Push in the new coil after aligning the flat sides before replacing the metal cap. Remember to prime the coil each time