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4 Vape Myths that will Keep you hooked on smoking

4 Vape Myths that will Keep you hooked on smoking


There has been a debate raging about e-cigarettes. The e cig industry is coming under fire by claims that they are worse for human health than cigarettes. Myths and accusations with no evidence to back them up are being hurled around, stopping worried smokers making the switch.


Myth one: Vape pens could contain anti-freeze

This has to be one of the most exagerated claims so far. One the ingrediants in e liquids is propylene glycol; this is often an ingredient in various foods and medicinal drugs.

ethylene glycol is found in anti-freeze, both ingrediants sound similar but are two very different compounds. recently a scientist attested that e cigarettes contain dihydrogen monoxide and this put the shivers into a lot of us. Anything that has conotations to monoxide will start a panic but what he did not tell the public is that dihydrogen monoxide is science speak for water. di ( means 2 ) and mono ( means 1 ) H2O



Myth two:  E Cigarettes cause fire

To atmoize e liquids a heating element need to be activated, then a process of vapoutization will occur. It is true that e cigarettes contain a heating element, as does a water heater and kettle. These elements are housed within the object and can not lead to burns. In comparison the cigarette has to be lit by using a naked flame and when dropped on to dry ground it can lead to fires.


Myth three: Vaping can be more addictive than smoking cigarettes

Both e liquids and tobacco contain nicotine, there is no denying this fact but to say that vaping is more addictive than smoking is a long shot to scare would be vapers from trying to ween off tocacco. With a cigarette the nicotine level is constant whereas with vape pens you can use e-liquids containing different amounts – ranging from 0mg to 18mg. The idea of vaping is to gradually decrease your nicotine level until you’re vaping almost nothing or in the best case scenario completely nicotine free! The wide range of levels allows vapers to slowly decrease nicotine levels at their own pace, giving their bodies a chance to get used to it and hence providing them with a much higher chance of quitting.
People tend to associate vaping all the different e-liquid vapours with pleasure and therefore assume it’s addictive, however this isn’t due to nicotine!


Myth four:The Vaper from E Cigarettes contains the same harmful chemicals as in cigarette smoke

This one is busted!! Any human being can sense the difference between the vapour and cigarette smoke when exposed to them.

When a smoke is present your eyes sting, it smells acrid and you do not like it at all. When vapour is present you will smell the faint traces of the liquid vapourised and thats about it.

There are no carcinogens in the vapour, just water, like a cloud.

I will not patronise you by telling you what is used in a tabacco to extend its shelf life and to keep it burning when its in your hand - you know but its tough to give up I know and I have.

I am even off nicotine and have started using a zero mg e liquid, I have broken the bond that has had me chained for years - its the only thing that worked for me, I tried it all.

 so don’t fall for the lies! If you’re a smoker looking for a healthier alternative, then vaping is the perfect substitute.