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Liverpool Vape Shop just opened on Lodge Lane

Posted by aurangzeb choudhry on

Great news to Liverpool Vapers ,we just opened our first retial unit.  Great e liquids at bargain prices.

It been a hard slog but we want to ensure that you do not have to travel far to get the e liquids that you want to use.

With TPD regulations on the way it is time to stock up on 30ml ranges as they will not be on shleves much longer...May 19th 2017 to be exact.

For the future we want to offer coffee and cakes along with a vapers lounge area.

We are testing the opening hours but for now we are open 9am-7pm Mon-Fri

10am-7pm on Saturday

10am-4pm on Sunday

You can reach out to the team and just chat about vaping and how to switch over from smoking - its not as hard as you think. Just as for Zeb and he will help you every step of the way.

The adventure starts here...wish the team luck!!!


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