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is vaping safe around kids ?

Posted by aurangzeb choudhry on

 Is vaping safe around kids ?


The short answer is Yes and No.

But lets take a deeper look into this.


is vaping safe around kids


I am not about to tell you that it is safe or dangerous to vape around children but I would like you to consider the following ideas.

As vapers we have taken responsibilty of our actions and we no longer blame our addition on others.

It was a choice we made all those years ago and now we are trying to restore the balance.

But we do not want to pass the addiction to nicotine on to the next generation do we?

Vaping has allowed many of us to break free of the bonds of smoking and we are thankful, but cast your mind back to when you did smoke………….

I would never leave a pack of cigarettes in full view of my children or within their reach.

I would never smoke inside even if my children were sleeping or out for the day.

We are all aware of how dangerous smoking can be for any one who is breathing within your vicinity.

Wow, that has just made me think about when I was a smoker and I would exhale around non smokers. I was forcing my habit onto them in way, I mean they could hold their breathe every time I exhaled…but why should they..right? It’s a kind of selfishness really and I would not tolerate it now.

 Passive smoking v vaping

Treat vaping as you would alchohol and cigarettes so that you can set the rules when it comes to your children.

Personally I do not want them to see me vaping…lets face is not the most natural of acts to breath through a tube and blow out huge clouds - harmless but not natural.

The goal you have is to stop smoking and rid your body of the toxins that they create on each inhale.

The other advantage is that children will not see you smoking and consider it to be an alien action.

Lets face it kids will copy parents and if you, as a parent, consider that your action will be deemed as normal.

Personally, I follow these rules :


  1. I keep all my e-liquids well out of the way of my children


Even though the bottles have child proof tops I treat it like a medicine. I always hide away medication so that a child can not drink the entire contents. After all, everything on Earth is a poison. It is just a matter of the dosage that will make it fatal.

Drinking 9ltrs of water is fatal ( if you were to drink it in one go - a very odd thing to do but one person did and suffered fatal organ damage )


  1. I do not use my vape kits around my children or leave them on tables within reach.


Even though all kits will have a 3-5 click shut off button I still do not want to leave the devices lying around so that they can be grabbed. Remember that some tanks are prone to leaking and the e-liquid could end up being ingested.


  1. I have stopped vaping in sight of my children.


The vapour, being H2O will not harm humans but the act of vaping is not something I want my children to copy. To be blunt I would rather they never took up any kind of nicotine habit. Its one less thing to worry about when they are older.


Remember this - Do not help the tobacco companies to program another generation to latch onto smoking.

Nicotine addiction

Do the right thing and get tobacco free and treat vaping as you would smoking, keep your kits and liquids out of sight.

You are getting healthier but we do not want our children to start any kind of nicotine habit later in life.

Live Long and Vape.








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