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Is vaping safe 2017 ?

Posted by aurangzeb choudhry on

Is vaping safe 2017 ?

Firstly...if you do not smoke then I would suggest that you do not try do not need to start like many smokers did all those years are better off not being exposed to nicotine any form. But if you are a smoker who is doing some research then please read on....

Has it changed since the first e-cigarette was made all those years ago by a Chinese Pharmacist ?


Vaping has changed and its is much safer than you think. There is a 2.8 million strong community built around it in the UK alone...and we are not dropping dead from it!

I have been vaping since 2011 and have found no detriment to my health at all. In fact I have seen improvements. I am running again and I can push my self further each time I try and beat a PB.

I am 47 and I would still be a smoker if I had not stumbled onto vapour cigarettes. It took me about a day to quit using tobacco.

There are more devices and e-liquid flavours on the market and this has created a great amount of confusion among fellow humans who are thinking about making the switch.

When I started there were a handful of devices and you could only get about 10 flavours in a very high nicotine strength. It was a straight choice...just do it as they say.

I am glad to say that I am vaping a zero mg liquid and some would say why bother !!



For me, I want to satisfy the hand to mouth habit that I can not seem to break but the e-cigarette that I use takes care of that.

But back to the question, is vaping safe. In my experience I am going to say yes.


We have all heard about the man who blew a hole in his face after firing up a device, it was all over facebook. we can not deny that it did not happen.

The thing is….vaping has turned into a hobby for some of us and thus created a culture or trend..depending on which way you look at it.

Within this culture there is a movement that is having lashings of fun when it comes to vaping. They are hosting cloud competitions and generally get together and blow huge cumulo nimbus clouds straight from their lungs. They love it!!

They have also created a market for devices called “mechs” or “mech mods”. In short they use custom built devices that have no inbuilt safety mechanisms to regulate the energy going to the coils. In short, they send a blast of power to a coils that heats up thus turning the e liquid into a huge dense cloud of vapour.

Theses vapologists have done their research and know a little bit about the science that goes into building coils and applying ohms law. The resistance that the coils have to electricity plays a huge factor in the search for the holy grail of cloud chasing.

It is not for dummies!!

It seems that the man who damaged him face using a mech mod had not really done any home work.…

When it comes to my experiences I can say that after 6 years of being smoke free I have felt very safe vaping using devices that are regulated. By that I mean devices that have built in fail safes and redundancies to stop explosions of any kind.

The goal that I wanted to score was to get off tobacco and start experiencing a healthier life style. All those years of smoking with my guilt nagging me to stop were about to be regained...if only this product will did.

Vaping is safe and as each year passes and more and more humans start vaping the products will become even more sophisticated.

The devices on the market are not the issue, many vape shop owners will advise you on the best device to use. One that will suit your needs and not the needs of the guys bank balance.

My concern was all about the e liquid...what the hell was I pumping into my lungs ?

The story was simple, instead of the 4000+ chems from a smoke I was breathing in 4 compounds

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Propylene Glycol (PG)


Nicotine (if required)

E liquids have also changed since I started using them and the safety aspect has always been at the back of my mind…our lungs are only supposed to make use of one gas and that is air but e liquids now contain 3 or 4 ingredients. 3 if you vape a nicotine free e juice, as I do and 4 if you like a little stimulation.

It is the flavour ranges and the fact that I still want to satisfy the hand to mouth habit that keeps me coming back for more. As long as vaping keeps me away from the tobacconist I will not complain.

The media likes to hype the so called dangers one day and then lead with headlines about NHS England deeming vaping to be safe. What are you meant to think ?

Hear is what I would suggest…as there are about 2.8 million of us in the vaping club I am 100% sure that you know one of or have seen us standing a few feet away from the smokers on our breaks.

Why not ask us what we think and if we are worried about vaping…the reaction may surprise you!! we will talk all day about how it has helped us to break free and control our need for nicotine.

We are most passionate about the fact that we will never walk into a news agents and say "20 superkings menthol please".

We are more acustomed to saying " whats the newest flavour e juice in this week?"

Do you own research and ask questions, make a choice based on your gut and not what the TV tells you.

Vaping is safe and if you want to read further take a look at the what the media has pitched


Live Long and Vape



















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