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How to vape safe this winter

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Winter vaping tips


Between 2015 and 2016 about 66 vaping devices exploded which resulted in a number of house fires. Compared to the 2457 fires caused by cigarettes this is a very small figure indeed but one that still has to be addressed. If we look deeper into the stats, 35 individuals are killed per 1000 due to the fires caused by cigarettes so in the grand scheme of things people who have switched to vaping will much safer when it comes to this type of death.


However, there is still a chance that your e cigarette device could cause a fire, just like any other battery operated device. The media has focused recently on the “exploding” battery aspect of e cigarette devices and this has made many of us feel a little skeptical about vaping.


The chances of an e cigarette device exploding is 0.0000001% according to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, when used correctly. As with any electrical device there is a list of instructions to follow to help use it safely and vaping devices follow the same rules.

Anything that uses electrical current will always have some kind of warning against improper use. Lets take the humble house hold electrical plug as an example, no device will work with out one. As children we are all warned not to plug a device with wet hands, we are shown that we must untangle the wires before using the plug.

 Our issues do not revolve around that the e-cigarette explodes, it is around the education on how to decipher what makes these devices explode.

E-cigarettes, what makes then explode ?

 All mods, vaping devices and e-cigarettes contain a battery that will heat up a coil which then leads to the vaporization of an e-liquid. The batteries used are made of Lithium. A chemical that is volatile when in contact with oxygen. Standard mobile phone batteries have been know to explode also but the standards to production are very high and the risk has been become negligible. Its the same with e cigarettes, the batteries are powerful yet small. The chemical used to store electricity are packed into them tightly and any defects created during improper use will lead to them swelling and on rare occasions, exploding.

However, as mentioned, data proves the likability of your cigarette exploding being extremely unlikely. Nonetheless, there is still a risk, and we want to lower that. Follow our tips to ensure you remain in the green zone when it comes to ensuring you keep safe when vaping. 

1.   Always read the instructions

 Taking a couple minutes to read them, could prevent some dangerous situations in the future. All devices operate slightly differently, this slight variance could lead to improper use therefore leading the outcome we do not desire.


2.    Always use the charger provided

The Local Government Association announced in 2015 that many causes of fires by e-cigarette’s are due to the wrong equipment being used. Fire chiefs stated that this is largely because people are using the wrong chargers. They in fact urged Vaping manufacturers to exhibit a warning about it on packaging. This is due to Voltage, Watt, Ohms and other power related differences. 

3.    Avoid getting your device or battery wet at all costs

Many think that it is safe to continue using your vaping device when contaminated with water. In most cases it is not, and if the battery gets contaminated with water, it is just not worth the risk. Ensure you dispose of it in the correct manner; return to the seller or place it in a recycling station safely. 

4.    Take great with your battery

Fire safety professionals recommend cleaning your battery weekly. Many can run up a high amount of condensation from the e liquid. Carrying loose batteries in your pocket can lead to them creating a circuit and then shorting out, especially if you have coins, keys or other metal objects in the same pocket. Always store them in some kind of packaging that is sealed - like the silicon battery sheaths, or wrapped in something non conductive. It is best recommended to clean it with a cotton bud, though again, do read instructions as each e cigarette may vary. 

5.    Store safely, and be weather wise

Air holes keep the airflow suitable and at a good temperature. If stored incorrectly, the liquid will flow up to the holes and e- liquid will leak. Ensure to store your cigarette upright to avoid this. Again avoid water contaminating it and keep away from direct sunlight and hot temperatures

6. E-cigs are not keen on the cold temperatures.

Just as older cars can sometimes be difficult to start in the winter , the battery in your e-cig can also cause similar problems. You may already know this if you’ve been out and about in extremely cold weather and ready to use your e-cig, only to find nothing happens.

The best way to ensure your e-cigarette is always ready when you need it is to ensure your batteries never get too cold. The colder it gets, the weaker your battery will be, this will affect the performance you enjoy from your e-cigarette.

7. Take your e-cigs indoors each day – don not leave them in the car

There are two reasons for this. The first one we’ve covered above. The second one is to do with the e- liquid you use to vape with. This has a tendency to get thicker as the temperatures drop. This means it won’t flow as easily as it should do. It will also be very likely to affect the flavour, as it can end up tasting burnt.


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