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Planet vaper wants to offer hope for all humans who have had the hardest time trying to find a viable alternative to smoking tobacco products.

 We have been tobacco free since 2011 and will never revert. It is time to take action and join the 2.8 million who have found a way to break the bonds created all those years ago. Your journey starts here....

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Welcome To Planet Vaper

We stock a wide range of Vapour Cigarettes and E-Cigarette starter kits from all the top brands in the industry that are well established for quality and reliability. We have the latest E-Cig Starter Kits that include everything you need to get started. Making the transition to vaping from smoking has never been easier. 

Get The Best Out of Vaping  

Planet Vaper  proudly presents some diverse, and impressive e cigarettes that offer various functions and settings, from pen style devices to the more advanced Starter Kits. You can have the peace of mind in knowing that we will be here to guide you in setting up your device if you are unsure, with our helpful friendly team always ready and willing to assist. We also stock all replacement coils and additional accessories for you to choose from. Many people start off with simplistic starter kits to help them get used to vaping, as a healthier alternative to smoking and the quality of all the products we stock shines through coupled with user friendly design you will experience, along with detailed descriptions and user manuals that are always handily placed inside the box of the kit you select.


Vaping V Smoking

The most important thing in life is your health and everybody knows that smoking is bad for you, often leading to heart and lung disease, and cancer. It’s amazing how we are conned into smoking cigarettes when we know the perils and detriment it has to our well being. Over the years many people have tried to quit smoking by using mints, chewing gum and patches as a nicotine delivery replacement to smoking and to be honest a lot of the time, people fail to achieve the ultimate goal of being smoke free.

Vaping offers a simple, healthier alternative to smoking and in a short space of time you will notice the ever growing improvements and advantages to your health all round. Imagine being able to wake up every morning without the dreaded morning cough, visualize being able to breath more clearly and being able to become more active. Just think about the divine flavours you will get to experience in the many E Liquids we have to offer, most definitely better tasting than any cigarette. These are just some of the great benefits you will experience when quitting smoking and start vaping, not to mention the money you will save in the long run, it really is a positive lifestyle choice. A pack of 20 cigarettes has now reached the £10+ barrier and rising, so someone who smokes twenty a day may be shocked to realise, that works out to nearly £4000 per year, just to slowly kill yourself.

Planet Vaper is a strong advocate for vaping being a welcome, safer alternative to smoking and we will do our utmost to ensure your transition from smoking to vaping is as smooth as possible at a fraction of the cost. With the extensive range of E-Cigarette Starter Kits and superb range of E liquids we stock, you can be sure we will find you a vaping match, made in heaven. Planet Vaper wants to accompany you on your vape journey by always being here to guide you with what you need to maintain a healthier vaping lifestyle.

We also want to mention that many people who enjoy vaping, become hobbyists, these individuals enthusiastically progress, upgrading their set-ups with the latest greatest technology and kit, finally reaching the upper echelons of the advanced stage, where some serious fun can be had. All of which can be supplied through us from our extensive range of top brands. Whatever your journey, Planet Vaper is here to offer you first class service when it comes to all your vaping requirements, this is something you can be certain of.

Planet Vaper provides Excellence

The E Cigarette market has in recent years become saturated with cheap, imitation knock of products with clones of Tanks and Mods to E Liquid that to be frank, are way short of the stringently tested, industry bench mark. From our beginning right up to present day and beyond, Vapour Mate has only ever stocked the absolute best, highest quality products, weather its Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits, Accessories, Advanced E-Cig Mods or E liquid, we have only ever sourced and provided top notch products from industry leaders who share our values in providing you, the end user the best quality items every time, without exception.  Planet vaper has strove from its inception in forging supply chain links and strong working relationships with all our counterparts to ensure we always provide a fluid, efficient, affordable service to all of our customers. Our strong knowledge of all aspects of the market and the state of the game, shines through and embodies our ethos, testament to our superb team.  Through our dedication to high quality proficient customer service we have managed to establish ourselves locally, nationally and internationally as one of the leading Electronic Cigarette Stores in the UK.  

Planet Vaper, Committed To Our Customers

The E-Cigarette industry has progressed in recent years and there once was a time when individuals choosing to quit smoking had a very limited choice, when it came to choosing a Vapour Cigarette to help them make the transition. Planet Vaper are proud to be front runners in offering our customers a wide range of products from beginner level Starter Kits right up to advanced hobbyist E Cig Mods, to cater to every persons individual needs from the start. 
We want to make sure your vape journey is an enjoyable one as well as an excellent lifestyle choice, which is why we will always be here to offer you help and advice in choosing the products to match your vaping requirements. We understand that the sheer amount of exciting products on the market can be quite daunting for a beginner and we don’t want that to put you off making the switch from smoking to vaping. Every single vaper will tell you, we go through a learning process and we will be here to guide you and help you pick what’s best for you. In no time, you will get the hang of things and Planet-Vaper welcomes you to ask us anything you’re unsure of or even advise you on choosing your next device, kit or an E liquid from our extensive range.  Whatever you’re level of experience, we are here to help and Planet Vaper is committed to delivering a great service to everyone.